What Accounting Challenges Will Your Organization Face in 2020?

blumshapiro's complimentary webinar will keep you up-to-date on accounting and auditing changes taking effect. Our discussion will provide an overview of the current standard-setting environment along with other emerging issues, including:

  • ASU 2014-09: Revenue From Contracts With Customers
  • ASU 2016-02: Leases Including Changes to Effective Date
  • ASU 2016-01:Recognition and Measurement of Financial Assets and Financial Liabilities
  • The Future of LIBOR
  • The Impact of Recent Legislation on State Taxes
  • Classification and Presentation of Restricted Cash and other Cash Receipts and Disbursements (ASU 2016-15 and 2016-18)

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Speaker Information

Matthew Coit, CPA


As a manager in our Accounting and Auditing Group, Matt provides audit services, supervises fieldwork and oversees staff accountants during engagements.


Matt has experience providing services to clients in a wide range of industries, with a focus on municipalities. He also provides services to manufacturers, distributors and retailers.


Marcus Harwood, CPA


As a partner in our Accounting and Auditing Group, Marcus is responsible for audit planning, fieldwork and supervising staff. In addition to overseeing audit engagements, he performs acquisition-related due diligence procedures. He has extensive experience in serving a wide range of industries, including educational institutions, hospitals, healthcare and foundations.

As a partner in our Healthcare Services Group and Educational Institutions Group, Marcus has extensive experience working with hospitals, long-term care facilities, colleges and universities and independent schools. In serving educational institutions, he interacts with school business managers, audit committees and boards of trustees and is responsible for audit planning, fieldwork and supervising staff.

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