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Download our: Bring Your Own Device Best Practices Checklist

7 Easy Steps to Implement BYOD Security Measures


Today, nearly 2/3 of Americans own a smartphone, many of which use them for both work and personal life. As an employer, you are no longer able to deny the productivity capabilities of staff with 24/7 accessibility. Rather, now, you are challenged with how to manage this new form of availability securely.

These steps can help you and your business get a handle on how to safely approach BYOD:

  1. Review Current Security Policies and Set New Policies as Needed
  2. Educate Your Staff and Set Clear Expectations
  3. Plan Ahead and Make Determinations About Acceptable Devices
  4. Require a Personal Identification Number
  5. Implement Mobile Device Management Software
  6. Plan for Missing and Stolen Devices
  7. Review Policy Compliance Regularly