See How Your School Can Benefit From a Cloud-Based
Accounting and Finance Solution

As a school you know how complex your finance and accounting can be. From accounting for tuition payments to billing for busing and additional programs, the processes can require a lot of manual work and take away from focusing on the future of your school. Join Dave Fionda, Director at blumshapiro, and Phil Cantillon CFO of Derby Academy as they discuss how they worked to implement a solution that:

  • Increased visibility into department-level budgets that have helped with future planning
  • Allowed for anytime-anywhere access to financial information
  • Served as a single solution for all school billing needs such as tuition, busing, and summer programs
  • And more

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Speaker Information

David Fionda, CPA


As a director in our Consulting Business Software Group, Dave works with prospective and current customers, partners and firm clients to assess needs and opportunities for transitioning their finance systems to the cloud, either through Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) or company internal cloud solutions.


Dave has more than 30 years of experience with finance systems and has overseen more than 250 successful finance system implementations.

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