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What if you could know what your customers want before they do? Imagine knowing that your customer was going to need a part before they did? This information can be available right at your fingertips with the help of predictive analytics.

Join Michael Pelletier, Chief Innovation Officer and Partner for a webinar to learn about Unlocking the Mystery Behind Predictive Analytics.

        By the end of this webinar you will: learn what predictive analytics and how to use predictive analytics to reduce costs, increase revenue and drive change within your organization.                  

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Michael Pelletier

Partner, Chief Innovation Officer

As the firm’s Chief Innovation Officer, Michael is tasked with helping clients drive for excellence and ingenuity in an ever-changing world. Michael also leads blum’s technology advisory group, where he consults with a range of businesses and industries on issues related to technology strategy and direction, enterprise and solution architecture, service oriented architecture and solution delivery. 


Michael’s experience includes the definition of technology blueprints and roadmaps, platform advisory, architecture design and assessments, process guidance and full lifecycle application development across a variety of industries with particular strengths in insurance, financial services, high technology and professional services. 


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